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Aluminum Composite Panel

Aluminum Composite Panel

       Aluminum Composite Panel is a material which is worldwide used in the fields of decoration and construction. Aluminum Composite Panel is produced by assembling the two sides of a substance named polyurethane with aluminum sheets and with its stylish and aesthetic look it is among the indispensible building materials of architects and project teams.

       Alongside its aesthetic and stylish look aluminum composite panels are resistant to external factors and much durable to conditions like rot, deformation oxidization and fire.

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       Aluminum Composite Panels that are mostly used for exterior cladding of building projects are also used in advertising and in various restoration and decoration projects. 

       Among the reasons why Aluminum Composite Panels are often preferred can be counted as its sturdiness, being a light and a durable material, flexibility, easy application, rich variety of color, easy maintenance and cleaning, and a high resistance to exterior factors. Aluminum Composite Panels that clear off the structures from their bad and worn conditions by giving them the image of a stylish and a modern structure will be the trend in exterior applications for long years. 


       The Aluminum Composite Panels that we sell as DYK Covering are produced by a technology that is more resistant to external factors with high sound and heat insulation. Our products that bear all quality standards have ISO Quality Certificates. Along with the standard sizes of panels at 4mm x 1250mm x 3200mm – 4mm x 1500mm x 3200m, we can response to your requests of 2 – 3 – 5 – 6 mm thickness and any size of panel that is required. 

       Along with our sales, our paint shop that carries the rich color chart of many brands and our transfer film covering applications that give a unique elegance to composite panels are applied in a most economic way. All of your projects regardless of their sizes are made ready for assembly at our facilities that have a high production capacity with our experienced technical staff in their field.  

       For all of your purchasing, painting and transfer film projects you can reach us from our phones and support part. 

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