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Aluminum Profile

Aluminum Profile Sales

       Aluminum profiles are widely used in industries in our day, it is preferred more as opposed to other materials due to its durability and lightness. Aluminum profiles that are strong and corrosion resistant can be bent and cut easily, thus providing comfort for architectural teams to carry on their works without too much effort. 

alüminyum profil satışı dyk kaplama
alüminyum profil satışı dyk kaplama

       Aluminum profiles have many pluses when compared to other materials, provide a lot of advantages in transportation and forwarding. Due to their high corrosion resistance there is no need for corrosion chemicals and can be used for long years without any maintenance. Aluminum profiles that can compete head to head with steel technical specifications wise, are cheaper to supply and quicker to assemble due to their easy to set up characteristics. 

       As DYK Covering, the Aluminum Profiles that we sell in all sizes and dimensions consist of products with a high quality standard. We keep customer satisfaction at a high level by responding to all your orders quickly with our strong supply force.

      Our facilities that can respond to the production of all project groups can also realize the project based production, cutting, transfer film wood covering and painting services according to our clients’ demands. 

      Aluminum profiles are transferred to the production line after being cut according to your projects. After that, they can either be covered with the model that you like from our rich wooden covering chart in our covering workshop, or painted with tones that are present in our leader brands’ special Electrostatic powder paint charts that are used in the painting of many famous structures,  in our high capacity facility, with high quality standards. 

      As a last stage, your products that are ready for delivery are transferred to packaging unit for packing and then transferred to application site. 


Standard Profile Types

t profiller.png

T Profiles


Box Profiles

o profiller.png

Pipe Profiles

lama profiller.png

Lama Profiles

h profiller.png

H Profiles

l profiller.png

L Profiles

dolgulu o profil.png

Filled Pipe Profiles

dolgulu kutu profil.png

Filled Box Profiles

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