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Packing & Stretch Film

      Stretch film which is the indispensable of industrial production fields is a packaging material that is used to eliminate the interaction of various products with air or prevent materials from getting damaged due to external factors. As a result of its elastic feature tightly wrapped products are grasped especially on the palettes in order for the products not to be scattered or damaged during transportation.


       Protective band, which is another type of stretch wrap, is especially used after aluminum panels and sheets are painted and covered. It is a material that helps prevent impacts and scratches during transportation to the assembly area without getting damaged.

       These products that are produced in different sizes and dimensions are more economical compared to other packaging elements.


       The stretch films that we produce as DYK Covering have a high quality in meeting the clients’ needs.

       You can contact us for any required thickness of stretch films that serve all purposes along with the standard 17mm – 20mm and 23 mm. 

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