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Powder Paint Equipments

Powder Paint Equipments

     Electrostatic Powder Paint is a covering method based on the principle of sticking the object and powder paint particles by loading different charges. The material that is painted with this method is the most economic compared to other methods. The reason for that are the positive paint particles that are sprayed to the negatively charged material. While positively charged paint particles grasp the surface that will be painted, the other particles that have the same charge push away each other so that a homogenous layer is created. With this method, excessive paint particles can be recollected, and reused, by the regaining units that are present in cabins, thus preventing waste. 


     Without a doubt it is the quality of powder paint equipments that make electrostatic powder paint method healthy, perfect and of high quality. Paint particles that are charged well, powder paint cabin filters, a fine spray gun and most importantly the paint cabin where the process is realized will cut your painting/covering costs to a minimum thus providing for quality paint application and lowest levels of consumption. 


     Along with all of the above, the importance of homogeneous heat distribution and isolation of powder paint baking ovens should not be forgotten. 

     The powder paint spray guns and powder paint filters that we sell as DYK Covering provide for a maximum quality of paint performance thus helping you achieve a homogeneous surface. All of these products are very efficient in paint consumption, have quality certificates and under producer guarantee. 


      The powder paint cabins that we sell are systems which are easy to use when compared with different models and a more homogeneous painting is realized, due to the regaining units that are present in cabins over sprayed particles are saved and thus reused. 


       For over 15 years, with our experience in Electrostatic powder paint and covering, we guarantee you the best price and maximum quality in all products that we sell and produce. You can reach us anytime not only for sales, but also for after sale services in regards to customer satisfaction. 

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