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Electrostatic Powder Paint

Electrostatic Powder Paint

       Electrostatic powder paint is a covering – painting method in which special painting cabins are used and particles are sprayed to the surface that is being painted by using a spray gun. The process is realized by loading the particles electro statically prior to spraying to the surface stick to the grounded material in the cabin. After that, the material is baked for 45 minutes at 200 degrees in baking ovens that are custom made for powder paint covering process, and by this the paint sticks to the material as the interaction is complete.

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       The powder paint with its structure that does not contain solvents, is an extremely durable covering material against heat, moisture and corrosion, and it is widely used in industrial product groups. The powder paint is a user friendly material in terms of efficiency, as the over sprayed particles can be recollected, and reused, by the regaining units that are present in powder paint cabins, thus preventing paint waste.

     The most widely used powder paint brands in the industry are sold by DYK Covering with our ethical trade values.

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     From the colors that are present on RAL Color chart or from the wide range of special color groups that are produced for more special surfaces and with our fast Research and Development works, we are your solution partner in all of your projects


     You can reach us for price offers and custom made project requests at any time of the day from live help part.

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